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With Gen Z and Millenials caring the most about environmental and social injustice,  we believe that supporting youth to realize their potential as leaders of change is the most important thing we can do to tackle the world's biggest issues.

We have empowered thousands of youth who dream of making the world a better place (just like you), to make a tangible difference through the support of our life-changing programs, proven frameworks, and close-knit community.

Now, it’s your turn to become the leader you were meant to be. 

The only question is:

Are You Ready?


Our Framework


Shift your mindset to believe that the world can be changed, and you can be a leader.


Develop life-changing skills so that you are equipped to lead and take action.


Step out of your comfort zone and take action to support the causes you care about most.


Be part of a community of like-minded young leaders who will support you through every step.






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Meet OUR Founder 

Hey there!

I'm Shannen Gabrielle

I'm an international development professional, a human rights advocate and a youth and mindset coach.  My work over the past 15 years as a non-profit leader and social entrepreneur has empowered thousands of youth from around the world to become leaders of change.   I am changing the world by supporting youth to challenge their mindset, step out of their comfort zone, and take action for the causes they are most passionate about.

There is a lot going on for you, and a lot to balance.  Maybe you feel stressed, anxious even.  Maybe you spend a lot of time on social media to distract yourself from your feeling of overwhelm, but the images of everyone looking happy, succeeding, and having fun only really make you feel worse.  Add thinking about all the problems going on in the world that you wish you could do something about, and life feels overwhelming.

I once felt exactly the same.  I cared so much about the fact that children were going hungry, that people had to flee their homes because of war, and that the natural world and our planet was being abused because of greed.   I felt powerless, because I was just one person, and a young person without a lot of life experience.

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How I went from a young person who wanted to make a difference but didn't know how... to changing the lives of tens of thousands of people.

"I already felt so much pressure to achieve in school, excel in extracurriculars, and build a career, I had know idea how I might make a meaningful impact."

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However, I was determined. I completed university degrees. I volunteered. I interned. Then I started a non-profit organization.

I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at the beginning.  I felt isolated in my leadership role, and constantly doubted myself.  I often felt like a failure despite my success, and held myself back with self-limiting beliefs.  I struggled. I made mistakes. But I kept learning.

Over the course of a decade, I persevered, and I was able to build an effective grassroots non-profit, which has affected the lives of tens of thousands of people.

My work empowering youth to become leaders, both those living in extreme poverty, as well as those coming from privileged backgrounds, has shown me that my story is not unique.  We care.  We want to help.  We have ideas. Yet we feel powerless.  We doubt our abilities.  We are distracted by the things society tells us to focus on, whether that be our looks or material things.   We are led to believe that change is not possible because the systems in place are too powerful.

AS A RESULT, The world's greatest resource- young people remains untapped.

After years of working with youth from around the world, I know the potential to make an impact that lies in you, and the world needs it to be realized.


Inside our programs you’ll find guidance and clearly laid out steps that will help you to transform into the leader you dream of becoming, plus a community to connect and collaborate with.  We’d love to welcome you as part of our community if any of the above resonates. 


It would be a joy to watch you grow into the change maker that you were born to be.

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" I founded Create Change Academy so that youth, who dream of standing up for what they believe in, can get the support and guidance they need to take action."

More About Shannen

I have been the Executive Director of Create Change Foundation for 14+ years, where I have successfully fundraised millions of dollars for people living in extreme poverty.  Through my work in international development and as a youth and mindset coach, I have worked with thousands of girls living in extreme poverty, and hundreds of youth around the world to empower them to become leaders of change.

If you're still reading and want to get to know me better...

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I Believe in education + experience

While education is an incredible privilege and I'm grateful that I could get a BA in International Development and a Masters in Human Rights, I learned the most about development and injustice from spending time with people living in extreme poverty.

Tamale is My SECOND HOME

I spent over 12 years spending the majority of time time working and living in Northern Ghana.  I love the people from Ghana's north and have learned some of my most profound lessons from their culture.






Fancy restaurants just don't do it for me.  My preferred method of eating out is sitting at a little plastic table on the roadside in some obscure part of the world, talking to the shop owner about food and life in general.  

The Ocean is my happy place

I get my best ideas floating out on the Pacific on my paddle board, and some of my most fruitful work calls are done through a pair of waterproof bluetooth headphones in the middle of the ocean.





I ♥ markets

Malls and grocery stores with florescent lights make me uncomfortable.  My preferred shopping experience is from a stall, directly from the producer- especially handmade textiles, jewelry and baskets (which I am addicted to).  My favourite thing to do when traveling is to spend time in local markets.


About a decade ago, I experienced serious burn-out.  In fact I fell apart completely.  It was then I started my journey to find balance, to work on my mindset, and experienced such a transformation in my life that I became a mindset coach.

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" If every young person believed in their capacity to create change in a meaningful way, the world would be a more just and beautiful place."

-Shannen GABRIELLE O'Brian

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